Lakota Rancher Starts Relief Fund

Oct 14, 2013

As ranchers across the state are just beginning to gage the impact of the largest snowstorm in a century, one Lakota woman is doing her part to raise funds for those who’ve lost livestock.

Alex Romero-Frederick is a Lakota wife and mother. She’s also a Lakota rancher and has been around cattle and horses all her life.

“We are east of Oak Creek, South Dakota,” says Romero-Frederick. “I’m a rancher and a stay-at-home…and work the ranch and home-school my two children.” 

Although Romero-Frederick wasn’t hit badly by the state’s recent snowstorm, she became concerned about other ranchers – Native and non-Native – who had severe livestock losses.

Thousands of cattle were killed in South Dakota as a result of the recent storm that brought up to 5 feet of snow in some areas.
Credit Courtesy Alex Romero-Frederick

“A lot of people lost their income with their livestock dying,” Romero-Frederick observes. “You know, horses, cows, sheep…even goats. I was thinking about it…you know, if I lost even a few head of cows that would have a whole impact on my whole year…let alone hundreds of head. And, so I thought…I didn’t know if anyone was going to do anything. I figured they would but I thought I would do my part or try to do something to help people out.” 

Romero-Frederick set up a donation site prior to news that the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association and the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association had established the South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund.

Romero-Fredrick’s “Western South Dakota Rancher’s Relief Fund” is on the site.

Part of Lakota rancher Alex Romero-Frederick's herd
Credit Courtesy Alex Romero-Frederick

“And I have a goal of $10,000 which, you know, to some people wouldn’t make a difference, but I figured every little bit would help,” says Romero-Frederick.   

All funds collected by Romero-Fredericks sdonation site will be forwarded to the South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund.

To donate to Romero-Frederick's fund, go to: