KXL Fails To Pass U.S. Senate

Nov 18, 2014

The U.S. Senate has refused a bill that would send approval of the Keystone Pipeline project to the president’s desk.

Chris Fire Thunder chops wood at the Spirit Camp that sits on the proposed pipeline route near the Rosebud Reservation. Despite the frigid cold occupiers say they aren't moving until the Keystone Pipeline is stopped.

Those opposing the Keystone pipeline are claiming a small victory.   Keith Fielder is one of the occupiers at the "Spirit Camp" on the pipeline route near the Rosebud Reservation.   He says the short term construction jobs aren’t worth the long term threat to the water supply from an oil spill.

“Water is life for everyone and everything on this planet.   So, water will always be an issue.  This is a water camp,” says Fielder  
But others in rural South Dakota support the proposed pipeline.     Steve Reed is with the West Central Electric Cooperative in Murdo.  The pipeline would buy co-op power.
“This would be a long term economic boost to the co-op and its members.   It would help us replace aging infrastructure overtime and many other things,” says Reed.
While the Keystone X-L didn’t pass the Senate this session.  Republicans are vowing to bring it back to the table next year.  It also has state regulatory hurdles to overcome before any approval.
 Those occupying a protest camp near the Rosebud Reservation on the pipeline route say they’re staying put until the project is stopped for good.

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