Independent Mike Myers Makes Health Care Reform Focus of Gubernatorial Campaign

Jun 30, 2014

Mike Myers
Credit Mike Myers for Governor

Mike Myers taught health care law and health care administration at the University of South Dakota for 23 years. He also hosted the “Elder Law Forum” radio show for more than a decade and provided free advice to senior citizens. He was CEO of Mayo-St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, and an executive at other hospitals.

Myers says major health care reforms would be the number one priority for his administration. He says patients are paying more while hospital executives earn millions of dollars a year. He supports the idea of a non-profit cooperative owned by the members who receive coverage with “profits” returned to patients in the form of lowered costs.

Myers says he’ll make the governor’s office more transparent and collaborative with the public. He says he supports economic development that will strengthen the state’s work force and education reform that starts with parents and teachers and not bureaucrats and politicians. He discussed his campaign on Dakota Midday.