Hunting Bills Pass Committee

Feb 11, 2014

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource committee passed two bills Tuesday. Both aim to improve scenarios of hunting in the state. Senate Bill 104 gives a person the authorization to hunt coyotes on their land using night vision. Democratic State Senator Jason Frerichs says this is a fair bill.

"Keep in mind, this is on private property. It’s amongst the landowners, landowner with a guest. They’re going to know their property the best, then anyone else would know. Even better than the game warden that may come out and try to worry about, if there’s something happen that’s not sufficient," Senator Frerichs says.

House Bill 1014 also passed the Senate Ag and Natural Resource committee Tuesday. It increases the non-refundable application fee from $5 to $10 on licenses for bighorn sheep, mountain goats and elk. Both measures go to the Senate Floor.