House Lawmaker Getting Tested For Illness, Leaves Day Early

Mar 12, 2020

Credit Jenifer Jones / SDPB

A South Dakota lawmaker is being tested for an illness and is away from the capitol on the last day of session.

Republican Speaker of the House Steven Haugaard announced on the house floor that Glenham Republican Spencer Gosch will no longer be in the capitol.

“Speaker Pro Tempore Gosch was having some problems yesterday,” Haugaard says. “He got more ill overnight and went in to be tested. So he cannot have contact with anyone for a couple of days while they’re doing this testing. So, it’s a serious event.”

The statement came during the doctor of the day announcement.

Coronavirus is not confirmed in Hughes County, where the state capitol is located. The state says there are eight confirmed cases of the virus, with 11 tests still pending.

The announcement comes as lawmakers are working out the final details of the budget. Once they pass a budget legislators will adjourn and return to their respective districts.