House Appropriation Passes SDSU Stadium Bill

Feb 26, 2014

The House Appropriations committee passed Senate Bill 15 this Wednesday morning. This bill allows the South Dakota Building Authority and the Board of Regents, to construct a new football stadium at South Dakota State University. Justin Sell is the Athletic Director at SDSU. He says anybody who visits Coughlin Alumni Stadium on game day, can tell upgrades are needed.

"We have a chance to provide a completely different experience on game day with this. And it goes from parking and pulling into campus and seeing what you see when you get to campus. To coming into the stadium, to concessions, to restrooms, to the experience in the club room and things we’ve never been able to provide before," Sell explains.

Athletic Director Sell says theirs been some concern as to how this stadium could put a financial burden on students wanting to attend games. But Sell says students will still get in for free with their student ID cards. Coughlin Alumni stadium opened 50 years ago, when South Dakota State University had just over 2000 students enrolled. Currently over 12,000 students are enrolled in Brookings. The SDSU stadium bill passed the House Appropriations committee unanimously and it goes next to House floor, which is the final stop before Governor Daugaard’s desk.