Groundbreaking For Art Hub In Kyle

Oct 2, 2018

Credit Chynna Lockett

A new art hub is underway in Kyle, South Dakota. The Oglala Lakota Artspace is the first arts center on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Artspace will host a variety of classes from film to painting and give local artists a place to be inspired together.

The Oglala Lakota Artspace is part of a national undertaking. There are more than 50 Artspace buildings nationwide that cater to the needs of the communities they’re based in. The program in Kyle is the first in South Dakota. The First People’s Fund and Lakota fund are assisting with the plans.

Wade Patton is an artist and 2016 fellow at the First People’s Fund. He’s grew up on Pine Ridge.

“I think it will help those artists that are doing the art at their kitchen tables to sustain themselves from their art. I mean they are doing their art which is great as a means of surviving, but I just think they can take it to the next level with this Artspace in Kyle.”

Patton hopes the Artspace will help provide local artists with encouragement to further their ideas and make a profit.

Sherry Salway Black is the Chairperson of First People’s Fund and on the Board of Directors. She says the space will focus on business education and includes a new credit union location to service locals.

“It is like a dream come true in essence to really have a space for artists in this community and it really demonstrates what can be done by any community. Any of the reservations, other rural communities- to have something that recognizes artists, culture bearers and a place for them to be.”

Black says the new Artspace adds to the creative economy on Pine Ridge. The Kyle location is expected to open in summer of 2019.