Greenhouse Tomatoes: An Ecosystem Sheltered From Hail, Deer, And Raccoons

Jul 31, 2018

On a farm near Newell are two white greenhouses, each one 124 feet long and 30 feet wide. This is where Kirby Tomatoes are grown. The greenhouses are contained ecosystems, with controlled temperatures, air movement, and water. But the plants are set in the gumbo soil of the Newell area that once nurtured sugar beets, a fact Becky Kirby credits for the sweetness of her tomatoes.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks visited the greenhouses on a recent tour.

The Kirby Tomatoes tour was sponsored by the South Dakota Specialty Producers Association. Next Saturday, Aug. 4, tours are scheduled in the Yankton area. For more information about SDSPA events, click on this link: