Grasshopper Numbers To Remain Low In 2014

Apr 21, 2014

Following the all the fires and floods in recent years you might think a plague of locusts is next.

This Two Stripped Grasshopper is considered to be among the more troubling species in South Dakota. It favors to eat crops rather than grass. Officials with SDSU State Extension say the state is home to some 70 species of grasshoppers.

But farmers and gardeners can take some hope this  summer.   State experts are predicting lower numbers of grasshoppers than normal for 2014.

 Experts who track grasshopper numbers say the population has taken a rollercoaster ride in recent years.

Anyone who does have a grasshopper problem this year can reach out to SDSU Extension or APHIS officials.  They are available for technical support and can be reached at the following numbers: SDSU Extension Entomology Field Specialist, Anitha Chirumamilla, 605-394-1722 or USDA APHIS, PPQ, Bruce Helbig 605- 224-1713.