GF&P Proposes Extending Trap Check Time

Sep 16, 2019

Credit South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Game Fish and Parks officials are proposing an extension to trap check times for trappers east of the Missouri River.

The change would make check times three and a partial day across the entire state. Currently, east river check times are two and a partial day.

Keith Fisk is the Wildlife Damage Program administrator with Game Fish and Parks. He says the proposals makes check times consistent across the state.

“Also, to create some flexibility and additional opportunities for trappers,” Fisk says. “In the last couple years there’ve been people who ask for additional regulation—more and more regulations. Well, this is an opportunity to show the trapping community that we’re not just talking about tryuing to take away things. We’re also about trying to increase opportunity, get people outdoors, make the rules more flexible.”

The Game Fish and Parks rule change is opposite to a rule change proposed by the Prairie Hills Audubon Society, which seeks to shorten the trap check time to 24 hours.

The Game Fish and Parks commission is expected to vote on trap check times at their next meeting, October 3rd at the AmericInn in Chamberlain.