Future Of Faith: James Murphy

Dec 16, 2019

In The Moment ... December 16, 2019 Show 720 Hour 2

America is becoming less Christian. Church attendance is overall in decline, and the number of Americans unaffiliated with any religion grew by 30 million in the past decade. But what's the future of faith in South Dakota? Today we begin our in-depth look at faith and religion in the state. Today we welcome SDSU Associate Professor of Religious Studies​ James Murphy Ph.D., who joins us to discuss what faith means. He views faith as the expectation of hope, the constant human hope that there is something better around the corner.  He is an early Christianity historian, and his scholarly work examines children in relation to Jesus and the gospels. He also teaches a wide range of classes including Old and New Testament, world religions, women and religion, geography and religions of the Middle East and religion in American culture.​