First Time In History, Majority Of Women On SD Supreme Court

Apr 25, 2017

From left, Justices Janine Kern and Glen Severson; Chief Justice David Gilbertson; Justice Lori Wilbur; Retired Justice Judith Meierhenry.
Credit Unified Judicial System

The South Dakota Supreme Court had a majority of female justices for one case on Tuesday, April 25.

Justice Steven Zinter disqualified himself from a case involving incorporation of Buffalo Chip Campground as a city.

Retired Justice Judith Meierhenry sat in on oral arguments, joining Justices Janine Kern and Lori Wilbur to make a 3-2 majority of women.

Chief Justice David Gilbertson announced this historic event to the audience in the courtroom:

"It struck us at dinner last night, this is the first time we've had all three female justices sitting on the same case at the same time, because Justice Meierhenry retired before Justice Kern came on the court. So to commemorate this, at the end of the argument, we're going to have a photo taken. So when I say we're in recess, you're free to go."