FEMA continuing to provide aid to South Dakota flood victims

Aug 14, 2019

Credit FEMA

FEMA is continuing to help South Dakotans in the wake of extreme weather despite lowered demand for assistance compared to the beginning of the summer.

They’re also telling residents about precautions to take before another disaster of this magnitude strikes.

Pam Saulsby is a Media Relations Specialist for FEMA. She says having flood insurance is useful in all parts of the country.

"Survivors are able to recover more effectively, they are able to recover faster when they have flood insurance," says Saulsby. "A lot of folks think, “it won’t happen to me, it’ll happen to someone else,” but many South Dakotans now know that they will be better served if they buy flood insurance, even if they don’t live in a high-risk zone.”

Saulsby says those who registered for FEMA’s help before the August deadline are still being served, and those who haven’t may still be eligible for financial reimbursements.

She says FEMA also continues to work with the state and local governments and local organizations to help rebuild.