Expatriate / Burlap Wolf King

Apr 24, 2015

Adam Nero and Thomas Hentges have traveled similar paths during their careers in music.  Both played in hardcore bands before finding was to explore their creativity through Americana and roots music.  Nero, a classically trained guitarist, was a fan of Chet Atkins, Townes Van Zandt and Mississippi John Hurt while his father was also introducing him to John Prine and old bluegrass music.  His band is Expatriate.  Their tight, expressive songs will have you tapping your foot.  Expatriate opened for Burlap Wolf King on April 5, 2014 at Dakota State University in Madison.

Hentges also spent many years on the road with his Sioux Falls metal-core band Nodes of Ranvier.  For the past six years, he has found an outlet for his creativity through Burlap Wolf King, the stage name for his American and roots music presence.  Burlap Wolf King's solo shows have been well received.  For this show Hentges (acoustic guitar and vocals) was joined on stage by Megan DeBoer (vocals), Adam Jones (electric guitar), John Meyer (bass) and Tom Weismantel (synthesizer).

Adam Nero of Expatriate.
Credit www.naterecording.com