Eight Presumptive Positive Cases Of COVID-19 Now In South Dakota

Mar 11, 2020

South Dakota is now identifying eight presumptive positive cases of COVID 19 in the state.

Two males in Minnehaha county now test positive, as well as another male in Bon Homme county.

Governor Kristi Noem says those who are elderly or have compromised immune systems should make wise decisions.

“They should stay home. They should wash their hands. If they aren’t feeling well they should call their healthcare provider—please do not go into the clinic or the hospital—call your healthcare provider and they’ll walk through the steps for you on what the best decisions are. Communicating is continuing to go on with nursing homes, with tribes, IHS facilities and with our schools. We’re working very closely with the CDC about our resource needs and providing guidance to those that are making decisions about where to go and events to be held.”

According to a press release from the Indian Health Service, one of their patients in Charles Mix county is testing positive. That patient was one of the first positive cases announced by the state.

In addition to the 8 positive cases, the state has 11 pending tests.

Noem cautions the state can expect to see more positive cases of COVID 19 going into the future.