EB-5 and the Fall Campaign

Sep 25, 2014

On Wednesday members of the Government Audit Operations Operations met in Pierre to discuss the EB-5 program. Lawmakers reviewed written responses from former Republican Governor Mike Rounds and current Governor Dennis Daugaard to questions asked by the committee. Rounds is running for U.S. Senate and Daugaard is seeking re-election. Democrats have been making EB-5 an issue in the fall campaign and trying to link it to Rounds.

Mike Rounds
Credit Rounds for Senate

In commenting on the GOAC meeting, the Rounds campaign said Democrats added nothing of value. Democratic Representative and gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer said there was a lack of straightforward answers and a lack of curiosity from the committee.

Northern State University political science professor Jon Schaff joined Dakota Midday and discussed Wednesday's committee meeting and the political implications of  EB-5 in the fall campaigns.