DCI Investigating Possible Noem Campaign Violation For Trump Visit

Feb 8, 2019


The Department of Criminal Investigation is looking into whether or not the Kristi Noem campaign for governor violated state law.

The complaint alleges that violation took place when President Trump flew into Sioux Falls for a fundraiser for Noem last year.

State law says the state, counties and municipalities may not spend public funds for the purposes of influencing the election of a candidate.

According to ArgusLeader reports, cost of the President Trump fundraiser to the Sioux Falls Police Department was around 20-thousand dollars.

Sheryl Johnson of Sioux Falls filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s office, which passed it along to the Attorney General.

Johnson says she’s concerned the Noem campaign used taxpayer funds to pay for security of private fundraiser.

“I can understand it if it had been a public event, he had come for a rally or to visit the city,” Johnson says. “But the only reason he was there was to help her win the governor’s race by attending this private fundraiser that most of the tax payers were shut out of because we couldn’t afford $500 dollars to get in.”

According to campaign finance reports, the Noem fundraiser featuring President Trump raised over 500-thousand dollars. The fundraiser was hosted by the Noem-Rhoden Victory Committee, which was a fundraising committee established eight days before the event.

During press conferences, Noem says she won’t comment on the issue because of an ongoing investigation.