Dave Oyler Celebrates 50 Yrs At The Club For Boys

Sep 9, 2016

The Club For Boys executive director Dave Oyler with assistant executive director Mark Kline “back in the day” - 1990
Credit Courtesy The Club For Boys
Rapid City’s The Club for Boys is holding a special ceremony tonight to acknowledge 50 years of service by one of its earliest members. As we report Dave Oyler may have transitioned to working part-time but he has no plans of leaving what’s become his second home anytime soon.

It was the basketball court that first attracted Dave Oyler to The Club For Boys. But 9 months after joining the club the high school student was offered a pert-time job.

“And it fit perfect because I got out of school at 2 o’clock and I had to be to work at 2:30,” recalls Dave. “And it was just perfect. And after working here about a month…I knew that this was something that I wanted to pursue as a career. And I had made my mind up as a sophomore in high school.”

Dave studied sociology and psychology at Chadron State College…still working at The Club For Boys. He began full-time employment after graduation and has never looked back.

“And I remember thinking back then that ‘Man…I’m working for just the coolest

More than 39,000 boys from the Rapid City area have been members of The Club For Boys.
Credit Courtesy The Club For Boys

 organization. This has gotta’ be the best job that you could ever have,” Dave explains. 

As for why he’s stayed all these years, Dave says the answer is simple.

“To work in a place that you know makes such a huge difference and you get to know the boys and their families and everything that is going on,” comments Dave. “And for me it’s been an opportunity to sit back and just admire so many of our kids that achieve good and great things.”

The Club for Boys currently has 1400 members. More than 39,000 boys from the Rapid City area have been part of the organization since its founding in 1963.  

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