Daugaard Wants IM 22 Repealed and Replaced, Activists Say ‘Respect The Vote’

Jan 10, 2017

Credit Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Governor Dennis Daugaard says he wants out of state think tanks to stop experimenting with South Dakota’s constitution and laws.

One of those groups, along with several South Dakotans, stood outside the capitol urging lawmakers to accept the will of the voters.

During his annual State of the State address, Governor Dennis Daugaard says he supports repealing Initiated Measure 22. He says he wants constitutionally sound measures to replace portions of it.

Daugaard says he’s tired of out-of-state money influencing South Dakota politics. He likens it to federal statutes preventing foreign money from influencing national politics.

“When you have out-of-state contributions contributing to a state matter, that’s a comparable thing," Daugaard says. "So if you can limit foreign contributions to speech at the national level, should you not also be able to limit out of state contributions that are directed toward the debate on in-state issues?”

Thirteen protestors stand outside the capitol grounds to call out a recent group of lawmaker’s decision to try the voter approved Initiated Measure 22 in court.

Represent Us is one out-of-state group Daugaard references.

Represent South Dakota is a chapter of that national organization, which backs IM 22.

Mark Winegar with Represent South Dakota says big money from out-of-state comes in for liberal and conservative causes… including funding from billionaires that fund political causes.

“Those people that are pointing those fingers should remember when they point a finger three point back at them," Winegar says. "I’m sure you’ve heard of the Koch Brothers, and the Koch Brothers spent an awful lot of money sending out misinformation about this bill and they lost. And I’m sure they’re not happy about it.”

A preliminary injunction has put a hold on initiated measure 22. Several lawmakers say they’re waiting on direction from the courts before addressing the reforms head on.