Dan Brendtro And Pete Vitiello Raise Money To Fight Rare Disease

Dec 4, 2017

Dan Brendtro and Pete Vitiello. Photo by Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... December 4, 2017 Show 232 Hour 2 

Four and a half years ago, Dan Brendtro sat by his daughter's side as she was diagnosed with a rare disease, one that could confine her to a wheelchair before high school graduation.

Freidrich's Ataxia steals mobility. But it also targets the heart and other organs. Many patients die in their 20s.  Raena Brendtro is now 16.

Peter Vitiello is a research scientist at Sanford Health.

Brendtro and Vitiello (strangers before a chance encounter) are now working together to raise awareness and funding for medical research that could help Raena and thousands of others with the disease.