Dakota Midday: USGS EROS Bird Study

Nov 24, 2014

What birds will people see at their feeders sixty years from now? According to a new study from the U.S. Geological Survey, they could be different from the ones we see today. Climate and land use changes could have an impact on the ranges of bird species with some birds losing a significant amount of their current  range and others nearly doubling their range.

The Ferruginous hawk will lose 21.2 percent of its range according to a new USGS study
Credit Terry Sohl

Terry Sohl is the author of the study. He’s a research physical scientist with the USGS EROS Center in Sioux Falls. Since 1993 he has been involved in the mapping, analysis, and modeling of land-use and land-cover within the USGS. He's also a birder and author of the South Dakota Birds and Birding website, which features his photography. Sohl joined Dakota Midday and discussed the study.

You can read the study here. You can see Terry Sohl's photographs here.