Dakota Midday: There. And Back

Nov 9, 2015

Charlie Plumb print of F-4 plane
Credit John Mollison

Interview with historian/artist John Mollison.  Mollison’s new project for “Old Guys and Their Airplanes” is “There. And Back,” a 30-minute documentary featuring Vietnam War POW Capt. Charlie Plumb. 

“There. And Back.” documents the profoundly challenging experiences that Plumb experienced during and after the Vietnam War.  Mollison accompanied Plumb on a recent visit to Vietnam.  

“Charlie’s story is about the human condition, how we suffer, how we endure, how we heal and how we prevail.  When we got back, Charlie stated that the trip experience had been 'Hard, but good.'” 

As a fighter pilot with U.S. Navy fighter squadron, VF-114, Plumb flew 74 combat missions over North Vietnam before being shot down and taken prisoner on May 19, 1967.  The episode focuses on Plumb’s experiences recalling and reconciling the nearly 50 years that have transpired since his return to freedom in February, 1973.  OGTA began production of this episode in 2014, filming content in California and throughout Vietnam including the cities of Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh City and near the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. 

“There. And Back” premieres on Veterans Day, November 11, at www.oldguysandtheirairplanes.com