Dakota Midday: Senator Rounds And Health Care Legislation

Jun 23, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling any day now in King v. Burwell. The ruling will answer the question of whether health insurance subsidies are limited to those states with their own exchanges. If subsidies are limited to the 17 states that established exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, 6.4 million people could lose their insurance subsidies, including some 19,000 South Dakotans.

South Dakota U.S. Senator Mike Rounds
Credit U.S. Senator Mike Rounds

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds is among the co-sponsors of Republican legislation that he says may help Americans who could lose their healthcare coverage if the court rules against subsidies in states using the federal marketplace.

Senator Rounds joined Dakota Midday and discussed the Patient Freedom Act and other pieces of health care legislation proposed by Congressional Republicans.