Dakota Midday: 'Little Business On The Prairie'

May 12, 2015

A recent survey from Forbes ranked South Dakota fourteenth in the magazine’s list of the best states for business. It put South Dakota at the top for the cost of doing business. In 2013, CNBC named South Dakota “America’s Top State for Business.”

Credit The Center for Western Studies

These and other surveys suggest that the state is one of the country’s economic bright spots. In his new book, Little Business on the Prairie: Entrepreneurship, Prosperity and Challenge in South Dakota, Augustana College business historian Robert Wright explores the economic history of the state. In the book published by the Center for Western Studies, Wright argues that an economy with disadvantages such as low population density and long distances from major markets can still thrive if governed efficiently.

Wright is the Nef Family Chair of Political Economy at Augustana where he has taught courses in business, economics, government and history since 2009. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed what makes South Dakota a good place for business.