Dakota Midday: Larry Pressler and the Centrist Project

Jan 5, 2015

A year ago former South Dakota Republican U.S. Senator Larry Pressler announced his candidacy as an independent for his former senate seat. He lost to Republican Mike Rounds in a four-way race this past November.

Former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler
Credit Pressler for Senate

Although his comeback effort was unsuccessful, he received endorsements from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and the Rapid City Journal in addition to the Centrist Project. That organization describes its mission as working for bipartisan elections, and centrist, moderate, problem-solving thinking in politics, universities and throughout society.

Pressler announced in late December that he's now a volunteer, part-time volunteer for the Centrist Project. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed efforts to bring more centrist thinking to politics.