Dakota Midday: Kelly Lindquist, Art Space CEO

May 2, 2016

A starving artist is sometimes seen as the norm.  Many great artists lived at least some of their lives struggling with poverty, think, Van Gogh or even Johnny Cash. 

Art Space CEO Kelly Lindquist
Credit Art Space

But some argue that artists should not always go hungry, or homeless.     Kelly Lindquist is President and CEO of a Minneapolis based organization called Art Space.

The non-profit group develops affordable, appropriate real estate where artists can live and work.  Art Space started in 1979.  Art space basically creates places where artists  can live and thrive and contribute to society. Today the organization co-owns more than a half- billion dollars of real property across the United States.    

Art Space is now collaborating with the organization First People’s Fund to support arts programs on the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations.   

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray sat down with Art Space CEO Kelly Lindquist in the Rapid City studio recently.   Here is that interview.

You can find out more on the Pine Ridge Art Bus here.

An extended interview with Kelly Lindquist conducted by Matt Ehlman of the Numad Group for the Bush Foundation Sponsored event Morning Fill Up is below.