Dakota Midday: 'James Baker - The Man Who Made Washington Work'

Mar 24, 2015

James Baker was the ultimate Washington deal maker. He served as President Ronald Reagan’s chief-of-staff and treasury secretary. He was also President George H. W. Bush’s secretary of state at the end of the Cold War and during the First Gulf War. But when the 4th generation Houston attorney was growing up, he was told to stay out of politics and believed it was a “scuzzy business.”

From the PBS documentary "James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work," James Baker and President Ronald Reagan on Air Force One during a 1982 trip to Chicago.

A new documentary narrated by Tom Brokaw, James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington, tells the story of Baker's life and career. It airs tonight on SDPB1 TV at 7:30 pm, CT; 6:30 pm, MT. Producer John Hesse joined Dakota Midday and discussed the documentary.