Dakota Midday: Historical Fiction Writer Steve Linstrom

Jan 13, 2015

Although he now lives in Minnesota, Steve Linstrom grew up in western South Dakota and worked in Pierre. He was fiscal analyst for the Legislative Research Council, director of research for the South Dakota Board of Regents and the state director of Information Services.

The cover of Steve Linstrom's "The Murder Trial of the Last Lakota Warrior"

Linstrom's first novel, The Last Ram, is set in the Badlands in 1903. His latest book, The Murder Trial of the Last Lakota Warrior, is the story of a young Lakota named Plenty Horses who stands trial for shooting an Army Lieutenant in the aftermath of Wounded Knee.

Linstrom is part of the South Dakota Humanities Council’s speaker’s roster and gives a presentation this evening at the History and Heritage Book Club at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed the challenges and responsibilities of writing historical fiction.