Dakota Midday: Dr. Tim Schorn

Oct 28, 2015

Dr. Tim Schorn, Director, International Studies and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science/International Studies at the University of South Dakota.  

Tuesday night, SDPB-TV premiered FRONTLINE’s new documentary, “Inside Assad’s Syria.”  For weeks, the world's eyes have been fixed on the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria for Europe.  But what is life like for those left behind? Correspondent Martin Smith goes "Inside Assad's Syria" to report from government-controlled areas as war rages, with on-the-ground reporting and firsthand accounts from Syrians caught in the crisis. 

Dr. Schorn discusses the new FRONTLINE episode and talks about the latest events with respect to Syria and how the United States is affected by actions and decisions in the region.  Schorn’s teaching interests are in Middle Eastern Politics, International Human Rights and International Law and his research has focused on International Human Rights, Middle Eastern Politics.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Credit www.pbs.org