Dakota Midday: Dakota Political Junkies

Sep 9, 2015

Hilger's Gulch, located just north of the South Dakota state capitol building, has become a contentious issue among Pierre residents.  Governor Daugaard would like to see a change in the park's vegetation that would require less maintenance and a reduced use of chemicals.  Hundreds of Pierre residents have spoken out against his plan.  Dakota Political Junkies Jon Hunter of the Madison Daily Leader and Roger Whittle of the Watertown Public Opinion discussed the Hilger's Gulch battle along with suffering air service in Watertown, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender's wish to extend the terms of the mayor and city council members in his city, and the beginning of the school year at two of South Dakota's top postsecondary schools - Dakota State University in Madison and Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown.

Overhead view of Watertown Regional Airport.
Credit www.globalair.com