Colorado Tech In Sioux Falls Closing

Nov 29, 2012

Students attending Colorado Technical University in Sioux Falls found out Wednesday the school is closing its doors. CTU cites the economy and lower enrollment as their reasons for closing.

Sioux Falls Chief of Planning and Zoning Jeffrey Schmitt visited Colorado Tech’s campus and met with administrators in July. Schmitt says the news of CTU’s closing is a surprise.  He says the school announced expanding classes and increasing enrollment during his summer visit. He says all education institutions in Sioux Falls are taking a hit from the struggling economy.

“I think what we’re seeing in education right now is that costs in general are going up and so the cost of education is going up. And so how do they disperse those costs without pricing students out of getting an education," Schmitt says. "So whether its secondary education or higher education, it’s a continual challenge, and it’s just something everybody needs to be aware of.”

Schmitt says all Sioux Falls school districts are looking at these issues right now. Like Colorado Tech, changing enrollment, capital and personnel costs are causing institutions to move around personnel to lower costs. But he says Sioux Falls employment numbers should not be affected too greatly by CTU closing, since most faculty members are part-time.