Cold And Flu Season Is Not Over Yet

Mar 12, 2013

If you and your family are plagued by the flu or a nasty cold that won’t let go you are not alone.   
State health officials say the flu is now on a downward trend after a peak in January.     But they add that this cold and flu season is worse than previous years.  
On Tuesday the Lennox Schools District had 30 of its 400 elementary students out sick.   School officials say the problem was worse last week with twice that many out due to illness.     
Superintendent Dr. Robert Mayer says the school is also taking extra precautionary measures.
“We have spring break starting on Thursday of this week and we’re going to clean all of our buildings from top to bottom above what we normally clean them.  You know the scrub down with disinfectants and like that to try and rid them of any germs that might be hanging around,” says Mayer.
Mayer says he is not sure if it’s the flu, a cold or another ailment that has led to the high number of kids calling in sick.   He says the school is distributing extra hand sanitizer and asking parents to keep sick children at home.