Civil Air Patrol Joins Pine Ridge Search

May 18, 2016

Three men are still missing on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Juan Lamont, Tevin Tyon and Tyrell Wilson are all in their early twenties. They were last seen by family on May 7th.

The Civil Air Patrol is now joining the search. CAP personnel are currently searching Pine Ridge and the surrounding area.

Major Bruce Kipp is the Wing’s Public Information Officer. He says the C-A-P doesn’t get called in for these kinds of situations very often.

“Not as often as we would like. Well, that’s always based on somebody’s unfortunate circumstances. We are pretty much called when the search capabilities are beyond the resources of the local law enforcement officials,” says Kipp.

Credit Pine Ridge Police Department

Kipp says there are numerous other CAP resources available if needed. He says the planes use grid search tactics and coordinate with ground resources.  You can find photos of the three missing men on our website.  Officials ask anyone who may have seen the missing men to call law enforcement.