Church Abuse Case Set Before SD Supreme Court

Oct 6, 2014

A 2010 law passed through the state legislature with the backing of Catholic Church lobbyists is being challenged in the state Supreme Court.  The hearing is set for Tuesday, October 7th.

The law added to the statute of limitations in church sex abuse cases.   
Plaintiffs charge that despite evidence of abuse at Native American Boarding Schools and despite evidence of a church cover-up, many civil cases brought against the church by abuse victims were thrown out of court after the state legislature approved the new law.

You can find a link to live and archived audio of the SD Supreme Court here.

A link to the 2010 HB 1104 that passed the State Legislature is here.  

 The audio of the 2012 effort to repeal the law in Pierre is here

Here is a story looking at the history of this law and what lead to this case. 

And here is a story with excerpts from the arguments before the SD Supreme Court.