California Veterans Memorial Violates First Amendment?

Apr 10, 2014

The Ninth Circuit Federal Court claims that the Mount Soledad Memorial in California violates the first amendment. This is a 29-foot tall Latin-Cross memorial that honors military veterans. South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says he's concerned over the ruling by the circuit court. He says there are others who feel the same way and they want the US Supreme Court to take action.

"I have joined with several other state attorneys general to request our United States Supreme Court to recognize and respect the dedication and sacrifice and the freedoms earned by veterans, and to overrule the federal courts and allow the use of crosses," Attorney General Jackley says.

A total of 18 state Attorneys General from around the country have joined in opposition to the Circuit Courts ruling.  Jackley fears this could be a life changing event. He says many military memorials, including Arlington Cemetery, have crosses to help show patriotism to those who served. Jackley says he wants to work hard to preserve veterans rights and ensure they are honored properly. The Mount Soledad Memorial in California has stood for nearly 60-years.