Borglum Says She's Unsure How She Would Have Voted On 2017 Tax Cut

Sep 9, 2019

The challenger to US Senator Mike Round’s seat in 2020 says she’s not sure she would have voted for the 2017 federal tax cut.

Republic State Representative Scyller Borglum is challenging Rounds in the 2020 primary.

She says her campaign is focused on a smaller federal government and only spending what it brings in. She says that includes reducing the federal deficit.

During an interview on SDPB’s In the Moment Monday afternoon, Borglum says she’s not sure the 2017 law achieved that…

“Everything that I read about it—anybody can be a Monday morning quarterback—but I will say from the statistics and economists that I read, while the tax cuts are always exciting and welcome there wasn’t enough planning on the backside to cover the difference," Borglum says. "I don’t know if I would have voted for that tax cut.”

A congressional budget office outlook on the budget and economic outlook over the next decade says the budget deficit will increase to 1.4 trillion in 20-28 if current laws remain in place.

Senator Mike Rounds says the 2017 tax cut is lessening the tax burden for South Dakota families and businesses and the economy is stronger because of it.