Bjorkman Says There's Key Differences Between Him, Johnson

Jun 7, 2018

Credit Lori Walsh

The South Dakota democratic nominee for US House is kicking off his general election campaign following the primary election.
Tim Bjorkman didn’t have a primary opponent, but is now focused on his republican competitor.
Bjorkman says he and his opponent, Dusty Johnson, are remarkably different people.
“I like Dusty,” Bjorkman says. “Dusty spent virtually his entire adult life, and much of his youth, in politics. Don’t let his boyish demeanor and ‘aww-shucks’ demeanor fool you. He’s not only a good talker, but his actual position on the issues are hard to pin down. He’s a clever political insider and one who spent decades building political connections.”
Bjorkman is a former circuit court judge from Canistota. His opponent – Dusty Johnson is Governor Dennis Daugaard’s former chief of staff.
During his campaign kick off, Bjorkman says he focused on eliminating the role of special interest money in national politics.