Autism Services, Coverage to be Studied

Mar 13, 2014

State lawmakers want to know what services and insurance coverage is available to children with autism. Senate Bill 108 was amended in conference committee Thursday morning after Senators didn't agree to the House's hoghouse amendments.
Representative Scott Munsterman says constituents brought the issue to him when their daughter lost coverage for treatment that helped her autism. He says the amended version of Senate Bill 108 has changed from the original House bill that dealt more with insurance, but says the study group will help legislators understand what's needed.

“The awareness has been creeping up because we’re seeing this becoming more prevalent in our population base. As we look at this, number one awareness, but then following that would be really understanding the issue and what can we do about to try to help create a better future for these kids then because they are South Dakotans, they’re one of us, and what’s the best fit for South Dakota,” Munsterman says.
The conference committee agrees a study is needed to gather input from people who are affected by autism and deal with the issue to determine best practices in the state. The measure has been accepted by the House but still needs approval of the Senate before final passage by the Governor.