Author Tells Stories of Black Hills with Historic Photos

Aug 6, 2014

The growth of modern photography coincided with the settlement of the American frontier. Historical photographs provide a fascinating and sometimes haunting view of the Old West.

Photo of Sitting Bull by Orlando Scott (c. 1881) featured in "The Black Hills: A History in Photographs" by John English

In a pair of new books, Belle Fourche author John English illustrates the history of the Black Hills and the American Cowboy with classic photos from the 1800s through the Depression Era. English has written for woodworking magazines and dozens of woodshop and how-to books. Last year he published his first novel, Murder on the Missouri. He also has a new book of short stories, Waves.

John English joined Dakota Midday and discussed the vintage images included in the new books, The Black Hills: A History in Photographs and The Cowboy Story: A History in Photographs.