Artist Completes Sculpture Model

Jun 10, 2013

A plaster model for the country’s largest privately-funded public art project has been completed by the sculptor. The “Passage of Wind and Water” sculpture at Rapid City’s Main Street Square is scheduled to begin taking shape next month.

Masayuki Nagase has completed a 1-inch to 1-foot scale model for the 21 granite stones he plans to carve at the center of Rapid City.

The artist says the model assists him in planning the sculpting process he’ll use on the actual stones.

Masayuki Nagase puts finishing touches on part of his model for the “Passage of Wind and Water” sculpture
Credit Courtesy of Masayuki Nagase

Although Nagase has done considerable work on the model, he says it’s far from complete.

“Actually, I’m going to still change some of them when I get in Rapid City, and get some more information and research,” says Nagase. “And I go to Badlands this time and, you know, more illustrations come. So, things are always flexible.”

Masayuki Nagase is due to arrive in South Dakota at the end of June. He’ll begin work on the “Passage of Wind and Water” sculpture sometime in early July.