2nd Annual Dick Kneip/Bill Janklow Social

Mar 3, 2014

Last year Sioux Falls businessman Mark Nelsen saw an old beer poster depicting a Republican elephant and Democrat donkey looking quite stubborn on one side, but enjoying a brew together on the other side. Taking the poster as inspiration, he brought friends together from both sides of the aisle for a gathering honoring the spirit of bipartisanship at a time of governmental gridlock. On Thursday (3/6), Nelsen is hosting the second Dick Kneip/Bill Janklow Social - named after two former South Dakota governors, one a Democrat, the other a Republican. He says the goal of the event is to show young people that the government they're seeing function in 2014 is not the government that made America great, nor the government that will solve the multiple issues facing America today. Nelsen discussed the event on Dakota Midday with host Karl Gehrke.