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Bills from the Department of Veteran Affairs go into effect July 1

Bills passed during the winter's legislative session are set to become law July 1. That includes four bills originally introduced by the South Dakota Department of Veteran Affairs.

HB 1039 and HB 1046 address making higher education more affordable. Specifically, HB 1046 qualifies technical schools for tuition assistance for active guard members and their families.

Two other bills, HB 1065 and HB 1054, are designed with the intention of increasing the state’s ability to reimburse families of deceased veterans for costs related to headstones.

The Deputy Secretary of South Dakota’s Department of Veteran Affairs, Aaron Pollard, said the goal of the bills is to ease veteran lives.

“It is a recognition piece. And just an opportunity for the state of South Dakota to recognize people who serve, and what they do,” said Pollard, “Try to give as much of a thank you as you can for what they have done.”

Zadya Abbott (she/her/hers) is a senior at the University of South Dakota studying Media and Journalism with a minor in Women and Gender Sexuality Studies. She is native to the southeastern corner of South Dakota. Zadya regards the journalism profession as one of noble service meant to objectively provide the public with information of interest.