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Noem bans Tencent on state-owned devices

Governor Kristi Noem speaks at a podium. Two people listen in the background.
Slater Dixon
Governor Kristi Noem speaks at an event at Howe Inc. in Sioux Falls

Gov. Kristi Noem has issued an executive order banning Tencent on state devices.

Tencent is a Chinese-based video game and entertainment company.

It produces several popular mobile games, including PUBG and Honor of Kings. The company also owns popular communication apps WeChat and Discord.

Tencent joins TikTok on the list of Chinese-based companies the governor has prohibited on state devices. She has said these companies are national security threats due to potential data gathering operations by the Chinese government.

“My number one responsibility as governor is to keep the people of South Dakota safe. South Dakota started the movement that has swept the country to ban TikTok on government devices,” Noem said. “Now, I am extending that ban to Tencent and other Chinese companies that are threats to our security.”

This order bans the downloading or use of any application or visiting of any website owned or controlled by Tencent Holdings on state-owned devices used by state employees, agencies, or contractors.