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Johnson introduces bill tightening SNAP work requirements

Rep. Dusty Johnson is introducing a bill reforming work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program, also known as “SNAP.”

Current federal law requires able-bodied adults younger than 49 without dependents to participate in work or education programs for 20 hours a week to receive SNAP benefits.

Johnson said several states are using waiver exemptions to skirt these rules.

The Republican Congressman said his bill, called the “America Works Act,” reinforces those requirements. It also would raise the age limit of an “able bodied adult” from 49 to 65.

“Work is the best pathway out of poverty,” Johnson said in a press release. “Work requirements have proven to be effective, and people who can work should work. With more than 11 million open jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for SNAP recipients to escape poverty and build a better life.”

Johnson said the bill would impact 1.36 million able-bodied adult households that reported zero income, citing pre-pandemic data.

Twenty-three other Representatives, all Republicans, are signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.

Johnson’s announcement comes days after House Democrats introduced a bill reducing SNAP benefit requirements.