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In their own words: Cutting down tax cuts

South Dakota Senate (file)

South Dakota lawmakers agree now is the time to cut taxes. But they haven't been able to agree on how to do that.

Several different tax cut proposals have taken meandering paths through the 2023 legislative session. The most well-known is a plan to cut the sales tax on groceries. Gov. Kristi Noem made this plan a pillar of her reelection campaign.

The proposal was killed earlier in the session. On Monday, the Senate moved to revive the plan as the session entered its final week through a maneuver known as a "hoghouse" - amending a different bill into a new form. In fact, the bill itself - House Bill 1094 - was created specifically so it could be hoghoused later.

It eventually passed on a narrow 18-17 vote. In their own words, listen to the debate led by Sen. Herman Otten.

Editor's note: HB 1094 was killed by lawmakers on Tuesday. Continue following SDPB for the latest updates on tax cut proposals.

Ellen Koester is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.
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