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Bill limiting medical marijuana for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers advances


The South Dakota legislature is considering a bill that prevents pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers from accessing medical cannabis.

Rep. Fred Deutsch brought the bill for consideration. The Republican from Florence said if it passes, South Dakota would be the first state to adopt such a ban.

“States are now beginning to have exclusions to provisions in law that include the pregnancy consideration because marijuana has some adverse effects on the developing baby," Deutsch said.

Some Democrats spoke in opposition to the bill. Rep. Erin Healy said she’s concerned it increases government involvement in medical care.

“It's not that I don’t believe that women should be ingesting or utilizing marijuana while their pregnant, I don’t think they should be," Healy said. "But I do believe that the government should not be limiting the scope of practice for physicians and for health care providers.” 

The measure passed the House in a 68 to 8 vote Wednesday. It now heads to the Senate.