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IM 27 supporters tout internal polling showing support for recreational marijuana

David McNew
Getty Images

Supporters of an effort to legalize recreational marijuana in South Dakota say voters narrowly support their measure despite recent polling showing the opposite.

Matthew Schweich is the campaign director for South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws. He’s pushing back against a recent poll by South Dakota News Watch that shows a majority of voters oppose legalizing recreational marijuana sales.

Schweich said his group’s internal polling found 54% support for the proposal.

“I don’t think anyone should make a decision to vote, not vote, or how to vote, based on a poll," Schweich said. "But perception matters. And if there’s a perception that we’re way behind, which was suggested by the last poll, that might mean some people are less inclined to vote. And I also think it allows our opponents to strengthen their efforts.”

Schweich says 54% support matches the results of a 2020 vote on a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana. That law was later struck down in court.