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Libertarians field South Dakota candidates across several elections

State Board of Elections

The South Dakota Libertarian party is fielding several candidates in local and national races across the state. The party recently submitted its nominations to the Secretary of State for certification to be put on the ballot.

Greg Baldwin is the chairman of the South Dakota Libertarian party. He says despite the one-party nature of state politics there are people who aren’t represented in the state.

“People want more voices on the ballot and you don't see a whole lot of independent candidates like I said there's 125,000 independents but you don't see a lot of independent candidates because it's hard to get on the ballot as an independent.”

Baldwin says the Libertarian candidates aren’t stuck to a uniform platform so they can speak to the needs of average South Dakotans.

“These people aren't career politicians, you know, and they weren't in Congress, in D.C. for years, these are just regular people that know what regular people are going through right now.”

The candidate for governor is Tracey Quint. Quint is an outreach coordinator for a Sioux Falls non-profit. She is running with Ashley Strand, a nurse’s aide from Rapid City.

Tamara Lesnar is challenging John Thune for his seat in the United States Senate.

The party is submitting eight candidates for legislative races.