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Thune’s ocean shipping reform bill passes the Senate

Thune floor speech.png
Senator John Thune delivering floor remarks on December 16, 2021

Senator John Thune’s legislation to reform international shipping regulations has passed the Senate. Thune says the Ocean Shipping Reform Act is meant to ease pressure on the global supply chain. It improves the flow of goods from producers to consumers.

Thune partnered with Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar to bring the bill. Thune says the legislation has bipartisan support.

“The ocean shipping Reform Act would bring long-term positive changes to the maritime supply chain, which I hope would benefit exporters, importers and consumers alike. This is the kind of bill that we should be working on if we want to help alleviate our inflation situation and improve the economy.”

Thune says the legislation is a response to global shipping companies refusing American agricultural goods.

The Senate bill is similar to legislation from South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson in the House. That bill has also passed, and Johnson says he’s willing to iron out the details with Thune and the Senate bill’s other sponsors.