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Analysis: Legislative session set to begin with conversations about transgender people, racism, and prayer in schools

This interview is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment, hosted by Lori Walsh.

SDPB gathers the sharpest political thinkers in the state for a weekly roundtable of analysis of state government in action.

Today Jon Hunter, publisher emeritus of the Madison Daily Leader, and Mike Card, Ph.D., associate professor of political science and criminal justice at the University of South Dakota, are with us for a preview of the upcoming legislative session.

This year's legislative session begins on Tuesday, January 11 at 12 p.m. CST, 11 a.m. MST with Governor Kristi Noem's State of the State address.

Today's topics of discussion for the Dakota Political Junkies:

Lawmakers have already begun appropriations meetings. How will legislators address Governor Noem's budget proposal?

Governor Noem has released early draft legislation for several of her priorities, including hallmark national GOP issues such as the banning of perceived critical race theory instruction, protected time for prayer in schools, and barring transgender women from playing on women's sports teams.

The legislative session begins amidst accusations of ethics violations against the governor regarding the state's appraisal certification program. South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is also facing an impeachment inquiry.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.